What types of automotive fire extinguishers are available?

When it comes to traffic safety, every care must be taken. Opting for defensive driving , performing preventive maintenance to avoid breaking parts and always using a seat belt are some examples of measures adopted to minimize the risks involved in driving. In addition, there are other items that may represent more protection for the driver and other people present in the vehicle. Therefore, in this text, we will talk about the types of automotive best fire extinguisher for car, the difference between the models and, obviously, the importance of this item.

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Types of fire extinguishers used in automobiles

Until the beginning of 2015, the extinguisher most used in vehicles was type BC, specialized in fighting fires in energized electrical materials and flammable liquids. One of the problems of this type was the fact that it is only valid for one year, and must always be reloaded after its expiration.

In early 2015, after a resolution published by Contran (National Traffic Council), the replacement of BC models by the new powder extinguishers for ABC classes was indicated, with greater coverage and combated fires and five years of validity. That is, with a much superior durability.

In addition to extinguishing fire originating from energized electrical materials, such as the battery and wiring of the car, for example, and flammable liquids, such as fuels, the ABC extinguisher fights fires in solid materials, such as wood, fabrics, paper and rubber.

Is the use of fire extinguishers in cars mandatory?

In 2015, from January 1, the use of ABC fire extinguishers would be mandatory in all motor vehicles, with a fine forecast for those caught without the presence of safety equipment. However, after a series of postponements regarding the mandatory nature, in September it was decided that the presence of extinguishers would be optional. Therefore, it is not currently required by law, although it is recommended.

However, there is a bill approved by the Chamber and currently under consideration by the Senate, which again provides for the mandatory presence of ABC fire extinguishers in cars. According to Moses Rodrigues (PPS-CE), author of PL 3404/2015 , the equipment “helps to protect the life and physical integrity of drivers and passengers”.

So it is necessary to be aware of the possible return of the mandatory presence of ABC fire extinguishers in vehicles. Anyway, even if having this safety equipment is not provided by law, it is recommended to have this item in your car. Anything that can protect those inside the car is valid.

Now you know what are the types of extinguishers that exist and for what type of fire each one of them is indicated. Have any questions? Send your question in the comments!